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The Dancers (LoFi Voyeur Mix)

uploaded: Tue, Dec 16, 2008 @ 2:39 PM
FeaturingEssesq & Songboy3
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Had a lot of fun with this one.
Picture the scene;
Theres a dancing competition in a large stadium space where the PA system can’t really cope with the space for the small live audience.
Essesq is commentating for the Fox Dancing Channel in quietened dulcet tones ringside and way up the back in a darkened Row ZZ is the lead singer, (Sorry Frank) singing to himself, convinced that the dancers are getting all hot just for him. (and doing god knows what).
I had some advice from an audio engineer mate who has done a load of large space theatre and film work. He gave me a little plugin that phases the stereo field in a quirky way (works even better in 5.1).
The result (hopefully) is that the bigger and wider your sound set up the more it sounds lofi. That will teach you for spending too much on your gear! Plug in some short throw speakers or better still your headphones and it should sound entirely different because the runway is much shorter not allowing a sound wave traffic jam.
Thanks Essesq for some great inspiration.

"The Dancers (LoFi Voyeur Mix)"
by ScOmBer

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