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Borderline (Furious Apathy Mix)

uploaded: Wed, Dec 3, 2008 @ 5:02 PM
FeaturingBrad Sucks
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Decided to give my own voice a rest and flog Brads instead.
Part 2 of my midi guitar/heavy rock experiment. I purposely held Brad’s vox (and the drums) back a few milliseconds to try and create a slacker apathetic vibe - despite the rest of the band playing tight, with the volume and energy all set to 11.
Hope you like it.
Brad can be found at the bar between sets but he doesn’t really care for you that much*. (*unless you are female with a big future in front of you)
The band want to give him the sack but he draws the ladies to all the gigs. Did this one for Fireproof Babies who I know loves a bit a gravitational pull in the axe and drum section.

"Borderline (Furious Apathy Mix)"
by ScOmBer

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