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drum beats 20101015

uploaded: Fri, Oct 15, 2010 @ 8:37 AM last modified: Tue, Nov 2, 2010 @ 5:33 AM  (add)
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another series of drum beats, using the different drum kits in hydrogen. i’ll update this sample page with more samples as i get the time. you’ll find the specs in the “how i did it” section.
ive also uploaded the loop in its broken down pieces:

for those who want to tweak it themselves
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: flac loops

  • /flac/20101015_millo-drums_v.1_v1_cymbal_only.flac (266.56KB)
  • /flac/20101015_millo-drums_v.1_v1_kick-snare_only.flac (160.04KB)
  • /flac/20101015_millo_multilayered3_v1_cymbal_only.flac (195.25KB)
  • /flac/20101015_millo_multilayered3_v1_kick_snare_only.flac (102.46KB)
  • /flac/20101015_millo_multilayered3_v1.flac (195.82KB)
  • /flac/20101015_gmkit_v1.flac (220.44KB)
  • /flac/20101015_millo-drums_v.1_v1.flac (272.82KB)
  • /flac/20101015_gmkit_v1_cymbal_only.flac (214.23KB)
  • /flac/20101015_gmkit_v1_kick-snare_only.flac (123.55KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: wav loops

  • /wav/20101015_millo_multilayered3_v1_kick_snare_only.wav (506.10KB)
  • /wav/20101015_millo_multilayered3_v1.wav (504.04KB)
  • /wav/20101015_millo_multilayered3_v1_cymbal_only.wav (504.04KB)
  • /wav/20101015_millo-drums_v.1_v1_kick-snare_only.wav (504.07KB)
  • /wav/20101015_millo-drums_v.1_v1.wav (504.26KB)
  • /wav/20101015_millo-drums_v.1_v1_cymbal_only.wav (504.04KB)
  • /wav/20101015_gmkit_v1_kick-snare_only.wav (504.23KB)
  • /wav/20101015_gmkit_v1.wav (504.22KB)
  • /wav/20101015_gmkit_v1_cymbal_only.wav (526.63KB)

"drum beats 20101015"
by Nickleus

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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