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The Great Ukulele Space Spar

uploaded: Thu, Aug 22, 2013 @ 7:40 AM last modified: Thu, Aug 22, 2013 @ 7:59 AM  (add)
byKara Square
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The latest of the “Ukulele Duels” takes place in space! I hope someone(s) can have some fun with this… !

Here’s the version with drums if you care to listen…

Oh, and I included dry and FX versions of stuff in the zips… plus midi when it made sense.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Ukuleles

  • /Ukuleles/Uke DRY.wav (15.57MB)
  • /Ukuleles/Uke FX.wav (15.57MB)
  • /Ukuleles/Uke Solo DRY.wav (15.57MB)
  • /Ukuleles/Uke Solo FX.wav (15.57MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bass & FX

  • /Bass and FX/bass.wav (14.99MB)
  • /Bass and FX/bass2.wav (14.99MB)
  • /Bass and FX/bassMIDI.MID (2.24KB)
  • /Bass and FX/bassMIDI-2.mid (2.21KB)
  • /Bass and FX/beeRAY.wav (4.90MB)
  • /Bass and FX/Bees.wav (15.00MB)
  • /Bass and FX/BeesMIDI.mid (1.20KB)
  • /Bass and FX/ship.wav (2.02MB)
  • /Bass and FX/shipFX.wav (2.31MB)
  • /Bass and FX/space winter.wav (5.77MB)
  • /Bass and FX/trance arp.wav (31.15MB)

"The Great Ukulele Space Spar"
by Kara Square

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