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Vocal Stem- Caffeine Love Affair

uploaded: Fri, Jul 30, 2010 @ 7:37 AM
byKara Square
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This is a parody of love songs… and also an ode to coffee.

Hey there caffeine, I love you in the morning
You lift my spirits when my lips meet that cup

Then mid-morning, I feel you a —callin’
And sometimes meet you for a super-quick gulp

But would you catch me if I were falling
Would you give me breath to breathe?
Do you love me when you’re w/o me?
My friends are sayin’ you’re not what you seem

Hey there caffeine, you made me so mean
When I drank you and you-ooo wore off

Then in the evening, you’re nowhere to be seen
Cuz’ I can’t drink you after 5 o’clock
Or I stay UP, UP, UP!

Here’s a link to the original in case you’d like to hear how I initially took this:

"Vocal Stem- Caffeine Love Affair"
by Kara Square

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