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Bathe in Each Other

uploaded: Sun, Aug 10, 2008 @ 9:31 PM
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Is this song what happened next after the poem below, or is this a fevered nightdream after they part?

Here is what happened before, courtesy of poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox and D.E. Jannon’s “Carrie Waltz”:


The band was playing a waltz-quadrille,
I felt as light as a wind-blown feather,
As we floated away, at the caller’s will,
Through the intricate, mazy dance together.
Like mimic armies our lines were meeting,
Slowly advancing, and then retreating,
All decked in their bright array;
And back and forth to the music’s rhyme
We moved together, and all the time
I knew you were going away.

The fold of your strong arm sent a thrill
From heart to brain as we gently glided
Like leaves on the wave of that waltz-quadrille;
Parted, met, and again divided—
You drifting one way, and I another,
Then suddenly turning and facing each other,
Then off in the blithe chasse,
Then airily back to our places swaying,
While every beat of the music seemed saying
That you were going away.

I said to my heart, “Let us take our fill
Of mirth and music and love and laughter;
For it all must end with this waltz-quadrille,
And life will be never the same life after.
Oh, that the caller might go on calling,
Oh, that the music might go on falling
Like a shower of silver spray,
While we whirled on to the vast Forever,
Where no hearts break, and no ties sever,
And no one goes away.”

A clamor, a crash, and the band was still;
‘Twas the end of the dream, and the end of the measure:
The last low notes of that waltz-quadrille
Seemed like a dirge o’er the death of Pleasure.
You said good-night, and the spell was over—
Too warm for a friend, and too cold for a lover—
There was nothing else to say;
But the lights looked dim, and the dancers weary,
And the music was sad, and the hall was dreary,
After you went away.

Lucas Gonze’s solo guitar rendition of the public domain song “Carrie Waltz”, composed by D.E. Jannon in the 19th Century, is sampled extensively to re-sequence to provide the melody here.

You can hear and download the “Carrie Waltz”, to give you an aural to go with the visual of the poem, by downloading it here:

This song is rather a change of pace for me, and perhaps a different take from Essesq’s imagined form of remix for this piece, but the melody came to me,
and it seemed to work with the piece. A better man than I would have written a waltz, and a lesser man than I might have used an antique piano in place of Zikweb’s great violon sample.

I recorded the field recording of the birds and the construction machinery at the Heard Natural Science Center, in Fairview, Texas USA. Love is like a bulldozer sometimes—insistent and
present in the moment.

A pas de deux with guitar, full of imagined memory or hope, accompanied by a poem.

"Bathe in Each Other"
by gurdonark

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Creative Commons
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