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One Mass, Many Voices

uploaded: Sun, Mar 16, 2008 @ 8:50 PM
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The new recording and internet technology placed in the hands of many consumers the ability to make and share media formerly controlled by a more limited group of people.

This phenomenon has given rise to numerous discussions about what this change of media distribution will mean, as well as a fundamental alteration of the economic model for the sale of music.

The “mass” of media creators give rise to discussions about “signal-to-noise” and “sifting through” the voices.

This cut-up narrative uses disparate voices in a cut-up presentation because there is no “noise”, but instead a world of interesting voices.

Here we create, share and remix media. We are part of a revolution in which mass participation is not something we fear—but something we encourage, as a new freedom.

What will this media mean? How will it change our lives?
A photo group, MediaMe, explores these questions in picture, and welcomes new Creative Commons photos on the topic. That is also what we discuss at
operated by Bert Kommerij and Marco Raaphorst.

This remix juxtaposes voices and music in a meditation on what the new media might mean, or, alternatively, how it all might run into a single melange of disparate ideas.

"One Mass, Many Voices"
by gurdonark

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