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Dro -n- Leaning (clean)

uploaded: Thu, Jan 27, 2011 @ 10:45 AM
byMichael Burnz
FeaturingMichael Burnz
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i wrote this to the beat of “Patron Tequila” by Paradiso Girls f/ Lil Jon so it’s got that hyper /crunk/ party feeling to it..It was for a mixtape but i decided against using it b/c i no longer endorse “drinking lean.” i do endorse that we legalize the herbs!
Stepping in the place yall m.i.c./
Got a swag N outta this galaxy/
Saw a pretty young thing in the v.i.p./
She was kinda shy but it didn’t bother me/
Babygurl got my attention span/
Cannabis got me feeling like superman/
I said Yo hot gal just grab my hand/
I’mma take u to the sky let us begin/
I’m on dat dro, that lean
That sticky ichy green
I’m on dat dro, that lean
That kush that sour deis
Hey gurl what cha like ?
I can roll dem swishas tiiight

Jamaica burning ganja
Dem Brits they toke with rizzlas/
pardon me, might u have a Henry govna/
France got that mary jayOn
Even in the Phillipines/
They on dat grassy green /and erybody know when I hit the scene/ CHORUS

Who wanna touch the sky ( 4x)

between-“Fiyah / Blaze iT ”

He wanna touch the sky
She wanna touch the sky
We wanna touch the sky
I wanna touch the sky


Put ya lightaz up (8x)

( between) - blaze it up (4x) , mo fiyah (4x)

"Dro -n- Leaning (clean)"
by Michael Burnz

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