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Make Me A Singer For Christmas

uploaded: Tue, Dec 16, 2008 @ 7:54 AM
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You know I was hoping to do a Hanukah song but somehow it is really hard to work with that word so I’m crossing over religious boundaries and asking for a Christmas present. This is the first time I have ever posted me singing. This was recorded with one take, no metronome or anything so I have no clue how the beats fall, there’s no count in, and I don’t know the key or bpm. I sang the chorus twice, the second go round is a little stronger. The beauty of this website is that I can get away with this. I love you guys no matter what you do to this, remember that :-).


Make Me a Singer for Christmas

It’s that crazy time of year
Full of joy and lots of cheer
I know you all are busy
With a million things to do
But I have a little favor
That I’d like to ask of you.

Could you make me a singer for Christmas
Use all your toys and make me sound good
Please make me a singer for Christmas
It’s the right thing and you know you should.

Take a week or an hour
I’ll sing duets in your shower
If you just make this
Old dream come true.
Melodyne, Autotune me
You surely can’t ruin me
There’s not much to spoil
That’s for sure.

Give me a chance
Go on, get up and dance
Don’t make me
Walk out that door.
I want to the see the kids jumping
And all the fists pumping
When my voice moves them
On that dance floor.

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"Make Me A Singer For Christmas"
by essesq

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