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All I Need-The Word Play Remix(feat J. Gomes)

uploaded: Thu, May 26, 2005 @ 12:12 AM
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Rapper J. Gomes rapped to a track i did about a yr ago with samples from the AWB. Couldn’t drop the original on this site, but maybe some one might get a kick out of this remix using this hot DU instrumental. Late night head phone mix….

"All I Need-The Word Play Remix(feat J. Gomes)"
by J.Lang

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Editorial pick

This one is really special. Both Deutschenschuld and J.Lang did the incredible thing. Preparing the source materials for something completly different, they managed to achieve nearly perfect balance, as if working together from the absolute beginnig.
Great, clear instrumental layer and the rap that floats.

Cezary Ostrowski

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