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Prelude from 1999: Beginning a Project

uploaded: Sun, Sep 25, 2011 @ 2:14 PM
byColin Mutchler
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Considering the 24+ remixes of the New System spoken word piece I uploaded back in 2004, and with the economic breakdown continuing, I wanted to share the full piece, written and recorded in early 2000 from Brooklyn, NY.

Colin Mutchler
Early 2000

I am beginning a project.
Some type of inquiry into an issue
that seems increasingly important for our country and the world.

I am setting out next Sunday morning to Washington, DC
to be part of a situation related to global trade
and the effects of large corporations on the world.

From where I am, there seems to be a lot of
anger, confusion, and blindness about
how the other side sees things.

The conversations I am looking to be a part of next sunday are not the conversations about the other side.
We are full aware of what is wrong with each other’s arguments.

The conversations I am looking to be a part of are about
what the future system could look like
if we could create from nothing.

What if we were entering into a new time …
A time where the very systems of control and commerce that we had believed to be the status quo
were somehow no longer relevant.

What if we were faced with a new medium, a new network,
a new system that connected the people and places of the world
in a new way …

What if that system if here, what if that time is now?

"Prelude from 1999: Beginning a Project"
by Colin Mutchler

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