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Drugs of Choice (Old/Bad) - A Cappella

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byColin Mutchler
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drug of choice
Colin Mutchler, 2009

she wakes from sleep, deep from ambien treats
down for hot wet drops from columbian beans
then she drives goodbye with her kid back seat
moving fuel chewed from a desert heat

I sit alone, with my fragile bones
got my crackberry malls and my twittered drones
bleeding eyes, multiplayer moans
got my youporn love feeling facebook stoned

who’s got the power,
when we follow the noise?
it’s our drug of choice

then I walk downstairs for a midday break
got no time to dine, there’s no sun on my face
so my food machine spits out fresh direct
and stumbles sandwich crumbs on my keyboard desk

so I scan sales in the amazon rain
last chance dance to heal our lonely pain
maybe if I buy her that diamond star
to fill that plastic wrapped widget packed hole in my heart

who’s got the power,
when we follow the toys?
it’s our drugs of choice

and then she takes a drink, like a gladwell blink
suddenly face to face with the way she thinks
she asks, what’s the source of the clothes I wear,
the meat to eat, as the trash burns through the air

where does it come from
where is it going
where does it come from
where are we going

though she chokes of smoke from the 10 o’clock blues
seeing god’s facade fuels the family feuds,
she seals her ears with pod filled tunes
and walks the talk as her mood future moves

everything’s possible in our time
everything’s possible in your mind
I want to fall back into life,
don’t fall don’t crawl,
just rock n roll, and choose your fuel

yes the drugs I use, they feed my fuse
let’s replace the waste with waste that’s food

we’ve got the power,
when we choose the view
to use our drugs of choice

"Drugs of Choice (Old/Bad) - A Cappella"
by Colin Mutchler

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