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Kormo (Work Hard)

uploaded: Wed, Oct 7, 2015 @ 7:44 AM last modified: Wed, Oct 7, 2015 @ 8:15 AM  (add)
byChandan Boruah
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// A motivational song to work hard than run after love, only hard work brings sustainable love.//

dusoku mudi kinu dekha tumi muk kua
morom jodi kora karobak rakhibo pariba
kormo dhormo buli koi buddhi jibi hokole
xosa kotha kintu aytu nohole montu pisole
//with shut eyes what do you see
if you love someone, can you keep her?
“work is worship”, the wise men say
its truth, otherwise mind slips

aji ase tumar logot kailey nathakibo pare
okol kormo tumar thakibo bondhu hoklue jaane
jodi tumi morom bisariye habathuri khaisa
matha ghula nokoriba hunisane tumi basa
//today she will be with you tommorow she might not be there
only your work will be there with you my friend everybody knows
if you searching for love and not finding it
don’t BS your you understand man

Work hard work hard,
let your mom and dad be proud about you
last and only life and that is the reason why

prem hokolue kore kintu kimane kaam kore
aha aha , yeah!
//everyone falls in love, but how many work?

calculation kori dekhay diu tumaak etiya
nijor homoi nosto kori tumi manuh jonik saba
tenehole tumi tumaar kaam ketya koriba
kaam nokorile manuh jonik kenekoy khuwaba
//let me calculate and show you now
you will waste your time and look after your love(wife)
then when will you do your work
and if you do not work how will you feed your love(wife)

that is why nimila onko, baad diya tumar peretee
faltu kotha aybur, suwalie kobo aji kali
tumar success tumar story, nohoi monor suwali
let this sink in your mind success is your puwali
//this is unsolvable maths(calculation), leave all these love
these are worthless things, even girls will say so today
your success is your story, not the girl in your mind
let this sink in your mind success is your love(child)

//please note: Some parts of backing raps may have timing mistake.. I have removed them in my mix…

——someone having love trouble….”bhal lagil inspiring”//felt good, inspiring. (yaaay!!)

"Kormo (Work Hard)"
by Chandan Boruah

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