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February (boomaga rock mix)

uploaded: Tue, Jul 1, 2008 @ 1:53 AM
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Sure wish I’d been able to get this in time for her CD, but anyway, here ‘tis… The Police in the verses, a bit of shuffle jazz in the bridge, a tapeslap drenched break, and an outro that attempts to pound its point into the ground. Oh, and the last guitar bit is a bit of a clamfest - hey, I never said I was a soloist.

Bought a Native Instruments Guitar Rig Session I/O for this, and so far I love it (have to print the effect though, as it starts to pop the buffer with more than two or three instances - small price to pay). Funny enough, I only put the actual Guitar Rig amp sim to use on two parts - the rest are naked direct input. Yes, it’s a cheap Korean strat copy, why do you ask ?

"February (boomaga rock mix)"
by boomaga

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