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Diskotanz samples pack

uploaded: Sat, Nov 21, 2009 @ 9:35 PM
FeaturingSebteix (kb) Mauro Durão (flute) Daniel Cambier (bs)
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inspired by a 70’s DDR Tv show called “disco tips”…

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOBASS 1.mp3 (252.15KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOBASS 2.mp3 (252.15KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOBASS 3.mp3 (252.15KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOBASS 4.mp3 (126.84KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOBASS 5.mp3 (501.94KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOBEAT 1.mp3 (503.17KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOBEAT 2.mp3 (503.17KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOBEAT 3.mp3 (503.17KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOCH1.mp3 (175.00KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOCH2.mp3 (112.15KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOCLAPS.mp3 (39.49KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOFILL.mp3 (127.66KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOKEY 1.mp3 (190.51KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOKEY 2.mp3 (252.55KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOKEY 3.mp3 (315.41KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOPERKLOOP.mp3 (503.17KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSEK.mp3 (503.17KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSTRINGS.mp3 (503.17KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSYNTH 1.mp3 (643.57KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSYNTH 2.mp3 (1,002.76KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSYNTH 3.mp3 (534.19KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSYNTH 4.mp3 (565.21KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSYNTH 5.mp3 (534.19KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSYNTH 6.mp3 (565.21KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\DISKOSYNTH 7.mp3 (503.17KB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\RAW FLUTE.mp3 (4.15MB)
  • /Diskotanz samples pack\VOCODEDISKOVOX.mp3 (503.17KB)

"Diskotanz samples pack"
by bigbonobo_combo

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