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uploaded: Thu, Jun 11, 2009 @ 5:15 PM
FeaturingSackJo & Briareus
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Briareus created an exotic backing music - redolent with lush embellishments echoing the decadent mental voyages of French symbolist poet, Charles Baudelaire. I wrote the first verse and the second verse is a translation of Baudelaire’s poem “Music”.
Many thanks to SackJo for lending me her clear and exquisite voice. She adds some heavenly backing to my song and her harmonies in the second verse enhance the indefinable mystical qualities of the poet’s words.


I travel into realms afar
where others seldom go
To lands of clouds and galaxies
Wherein strange gardens grow…
Cared for by wide-eyed maidens fair
In golden sandals shod…
The shimmering phoenix spreads its wings
attended by the gods.
As witness to these dazzling sights
I am brought to my knees – my tears are gathered into cups
And my fears are set free.

Music lifts me like a sea towards my planet pale
As through dark fogs of rose brocade
I lift my wandering sail.
with breast advanced , drinking the winds
that through the cordage wail
I mount the hurrying waves night hides
beneath her somber veil.

I feel the tremblings of all passions known
to ships before the breeze….
cradled by gentle winds
in nights on purple seas….

I pass abysmal depths that are when calm level and fair
and taste the wine of love and loss
which harbors my despair…

by Anchor

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