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The Living Game

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FeaturingPanu, Javolenus, unreal_dm
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I was really loving the lyrics Panu wrote and I knew it would be really hard to fit to this arrangement so I just decided to try and record them.

Living Game (by Panu)

When the day is done, and the breeze is blowing, and the sun is going down, it makes me feel more sanctified than anything I’ve found. I have danced in the circle, chasing answers, til they slipped away, and wound up where I started, another seeker on the way.

I’ve never chased the money, the spotlight or the fame, I’ve led with my heart and I’ve done my part, in the living game.

Looking for magic, or a sign from somewhere, a shortcut straight to art & love, or a wall that I can climb. Give me the heart of a little child, fearless all the way, bring a sense of wonder, at the start of each day.

There were times I felt like giving up, when there was no one left to blame, but i’ve run this race, and I’ll take my place, in the living game.

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"The Living Game"
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