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Chemistry of Love

uploaded: Sat, May 14, 2011 @ 2:46 AM
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This story would, I feel, sound better if it was spoken with a female voice. Unfortunately I am not able to do this. Perhaps someone would like to take up this challenge. here are the words:

Chemistry of Love by Stephen Wilson

Love and life colliding together at a moments notice like particles fired in the Hadron Kaleidoscope.
An uncontrollable feeling ignited by a glance, smile or wink which accelerates with time. Nothing can change this feeling not words, not events, not actions. The moment is totally unexpected, not a date entered in a packed diary some weeks previous, but now. No cute smiles nor honed athletic body lasts forever, no-one wants to be left on the heap like some discarded rag doll, but as with fruit in a Summer orchard it must be picked at the exact moment of ripening.

Hearts start racing. Fleeting touches contain messages travelling at the speed of light. So secret they require a quantum computer to decrypt the code. Is it true love? Do they care? Perhaps not, but they want to give it a go. The script is unwritten, unrehearsed ready for the trainee lovers to adlib their way. There is no need for road maps or instruction pamphlets, everything automatically falls into place despite a faux pas or two along the way. Mirroring and matching each others moves like well practised synchronised swimmers locked in a trance. Such actions shows without doubt that they are both in that moment together.

Quiet hand holding walks around picturesque parks, or long forest paths at dusk or dawn increases the expectations. The temperature of the day is of no interest. It could be raining, snowing or a heat wave but all they see is each other. Soft smiles, cuddles and kisses are the currencies of the moment. Every action between them produces squeals of delight, nervous laughter and moments of deep concentration. More and more the intensity increases between them until a climax is reached and they know.

"Chemistry of Love"
by Togora

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