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Kosmonaut (Piano Orbit)

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bySiobhan Dakay
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Stefan’s lyrics are very very mellow. So I did a mellow version of that song. (Sorry Stefan for completely modifying the chords…but I kept it A minor)

Since there is no translation of the text here for the not German speaking folks.
Verse 1
A piece of paper directed by the wind
In the park there is a child playing
It stongly holds the cord of a kite
like I never hold you
A cross at the end of our road
is the only thing from you left for me
Oh how I hate this emptyness
that resists in my and is quiet

I wish I’ld be a cosmonaut
who believes to be alone in the space
I’ld dress up like Captain Kirk
and quietly drift through the wide
I’ld leave the stars behind of me
and fly directly…directly to you

Cosmonaut - I wish I’ld be a cosmonaut

Verse 2
At night I lay awake in my bed
The view fixed to the star tent
I wait for one star falling down
a shooting star with direction our world
And with a little luck
he has a piece of you in the luggage
but stardust is impossible to catch
before oneself is at rest (lights out)


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"Kosmonaut (Piano Orbit)"
by Siobhan Dakay

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