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Hafez : The Sun

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FeaturingHafez (Persia, 1350-1390)
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All this time
The sun never says to the earth

“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that,
it lights the
Whole sky.

Hafez, Persia 1350-1390

Thank you Madame Snowflake for inviting me to participate in your secret mixter creation by reciting this poem by Hafez. I did not know about his work, or his life until now.

This is a field recording as I am technically incapacitated for now (updates, windows 10, protools 12, focusrite interface — need I say more?).

I recorded the vocal on my phone while sitting in the garden in the early evening; the air had finally cooled after the heatwave, and the garden was quiet except for the incessant crickets, which I have basically accepted as a binaural beat. Because I recorded this vocal without hearing the tone, rhythm or feel of Snowflake’s mix, I did three takes, no breaks — just to hopefully provide something she could work with. I am happy it fits, and I cannot wait to hear it.

"Hafez : The Sun"
by SackJo22

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