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All I Survey

uploaded: Fri, Sep 28, 2012 @ 11:58 AM last modified: Fri, Sep 28, 2012 @ 12:08 PM  (add)
byRobert Warrington
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Thanks to Subtersonic for the tambourine samples. Except for a couple of bits and pieces, all other samples can be traced back to this site.

If I was master of all I survey
It’s untenable that you’d give a monkeys either way
And if I put my village on the map
It’s untenable you’d even look up from your laptop

And if I came knocking at your door
It’s untenable it would open any wider than before
And if I wasn’t hidden in plain sight
It’s untenable we’d ever be more than two strangers in the night

And if I tried to spin a golden thread
It’s untenable you wouldn’t break it with a shake of your head
And if I took a hammer to your wall
It’s untenable I’d even leave a mark on it at all

And if I took a mountain for a walk
It’s untenable you’d even move the curtain to look
And if I laid the stars out at your feet
It’s untenable you’d do any more than cross over the street

And if I was on fire in the hold
It’s untenable you’d try to put me out with something long and cold
And if I was hit by lightning striking twice
It’s untenable you wouldn’t ride it like a bolt of jagged ice

And if I made the world as good as new
It’s untenable I’d ever mean anything to you
And if I drew your picture to a T
It’s untenable that you’d ever give a damn about me

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"All I Survey"
by Robert Warrington

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