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The Pumpkin Politicians

uploaded: Sun, Oct 30, 2022 @ 6:49 AM
FeaturingKara & Martin
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We in the UK have had a few turbulent weeks as our politicians put on a shameful display. It is a chilling thought that we are relying on this cabal of failures to lead us back to some semblance of normality. For all our sakes let us hope they can find it within themselves to do this. And we thought Halloween was a scary time!!!

Thanks to Martin and Kara for helping to push this pumpkin down the road.

I don’t need no Boris Karloff, Vincent Price or Peter Cushing
And despite his great performances I don’t need Christopher Lee
Lon Chaney whilst so frightening well he still leaves me thinking
It’s the politicians that really frighten me

Robert Englund made my heart race with his fingernails and scary face
He could chill your bones from here to eternity
And even Bela Lugosi drinking blood from necks so juicy
Couldnt scare me like the politics in the land of the free

I’ve watched The Wicker Man in darkness Nosferatu with a hot chick
Who gave me several love bites whilst I stroked her trembling knees
The Phantom Of The Opera even though it proved quite popular
Coudn’t match the horror story unfolding in front of me

Dr Jekyll had a secret and a room stacked high in potions
That he’d use to free the demon that he called Mr Hyde
But even his creation couldn’t scare me like the wisdom
Of the crazy politicians with their blatant dirty lies.

Now Dracula and Frankenstein will always put fear in our minds
The Blair Witch Project chilled me to the bones
But none of these were more frightening than the monster we created
When we put the politicians in control

Hitchcock and Polanski had a go at chilling our blood
Their stories made it hard for us to sleep
Carrie and The Shining did their best to get us hiding
But its the politicians that really gave us the creeps

"The Pumpkin Politicians"
by Radioontheshelf

2022 - Licensed under
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