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Dark Confessions

uploaded: Sun, Aug 28, 2022 @ 4:53 AM
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There is much debate in the world of psychology why some people confess to crimes they never committed. For some it is the need to be recognised and the yearning to be associated with events no matter how serious they may be. The police know when a serious crime occurs that they will have several people come forward to confess to the crime who in reality are totally innocent.

On the side of the van someone had written
That Carl loves Mandy but Mandy don’t know
She lives unaware that Carl is besotted
Unless the van driver passes her house on Beach Road

He had seen her in Tesco’s buying fresh fruit and salmon
An occasional avacado would also be bought
Which usually implied a guest comes to dinner
But Carls invitation got lost in the post

His plans were meticulous failure no option
He’d bought some new rope and a bag for her head
He waited and waited she normally was punctual
But she never appeared Carl eventually left

The next day he heard that her body was discovered
Three miles away in a field newly ploughed
Scene of crime officers searched for an answer
So Carl made his confession his head was unbowed

But the facts clearly showed that Carl was no suspect
He was released with a warning for wasting police time
And he cried for the girl who had been so elusive
And he wrote on a van “She’ll never be mine”.

"Dark Confessions"
by Radioontheshelf

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