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Dark Confessions
by Radioontheshelf
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Sun, Aug 28, 2022 @ 4:53 AM

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permalink   Sun, Aug 28, 2022 @ 7:13 AM
dark confessions. a serious topic. packed in a nice song. i think of my dark confessions that i often publish in my semi-anonymous way on the internet. not on facebook. because there are only those who are either too old or too stupid for the internet. and of course the gossips. no i publish my dark confessions on senseless music websites paired with my music. i tell there things that seem unbelievable for an average informed hobby psychologist. but as it is with psychology and schizophrenia. my disease. if i take my pills like now, i am an average human being with a mental handicap that brings him, in my case not, but otherwise twice a year to the ward. i was in 17 years once on hospital ward. if i take my pills only half, i become a flying monster. like 2011 to 2014. and if i don’t take my pills at all, i leave, although lying in bed, the universe.

psychology may be a science very much influenced by female intuition, which, contrary to that, was and is developed by old, bearded men, and therefore has its interfaces with the sensitivity of some men who prefer alternative life models. but it is also a funny science. it may explain all morbid mental images, but with one it has its difficulties:

with the black hole, of psychology, schizophrenia. schizophrenia is a clinical picture that cannot be cured, not encompassed, not explained ( yes it is the fault of genes, but genes are also to blame that a fly lives a summer) but only its symptoms can be doctored.

an indication for the prominent position of schizophrenia in psychology is the unique characteristic of schizophrenia:

every mental illness that a human being can have has also been observed in animals. except for schizophrenia. an animal cannot have schizophrenia. a treating psychiatrist once explained to me:

schizophrenia is a disorder of consciousness. but for that, you first have to have a consciousness.

that’s why i’m a bit amused about this fact that there are people like in your song, who have such a disorder in the song described. whatever it is. possibly the opposite of the impostor syndrome.

but thank you radioontheshelf, for this inspiration on your part to clarify my personal situation a bit.

as i said, your song is very interesting and well produced.
permalink   Kristian Sun, Aug 28, 2022 @ 7:31 AM
and now i hear the song i downloaded at random from the internet in 1999 before i got sick. that was the first song i ever downloaded from the internet. take a picture by filter. for my girlfriend at the time linda i downloaded say my name by i don’t know what beyonce’s girl group was called. yes this relationship at the time was doomed to fail. i have an established iq of 100. then how are those who have a higher one.:)
permalink   Fri, Sep 2, 2022 @ 4:50 AM
Good stuff.
Could be a theme song for a true-crime podcast.
Or for the ‘missed connections’ section of craigslist.
permalink   Sun, Sep 4, 2022 @ 1:11 AM
Carl was creepy and would be ______.
Dark song about a dark dude.