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An Old Story

uploaded: Fri, Jul 8, 2022 @ 3:57 AM
FeaturingStefan & Javolenus
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Sometimes it’s hard to leave someone even when you know you should. Often it is due to financial reasons but other times it is just plain blind love.

This is a bit of a Bobby Goldsboro moment but this time no one died. You may need to Google him to get the full meaning of this!

Added some percussion and a euphonium.

Many thanks to Javolenus for starting this and to Stefan for adding to it

I saw her leave with the fat boy who was such a great DJ
He’d played the music all the night now he was taking her away
I could tell she was compliant her laughter filled the air
He’d wrapped his arm around her waist you could see she didn’t care
And the aging grey bartender looked wistfully at me
And offered up a bottle of Bud and a 12 year old whisky

She had not made me promises of faith and truth and such
Maybe I’d taken it for granted people often do with love
But as she walked away I heard a chorus ringing in my head
The voices of my ancestors were singing words that I would dread

She’s gone she’s gone she’s taken leave but later she’ll come back
With a smile upon her rosy face and a number in her bag
And she’ll say she got delayed by friends her lie almost the truth
And I’ll want to believe her so the evening can conclude

Life throws the curved ball all the time the catchers miss each throw
The water now is far too deep it used to be shallow
And the girl who once wore pigtails wears extensions every day
And the phone keeps ringing in the lounge I think it’s the DJ
She leaves and says please don’t wait up just learn to deal with facts
And a taxi’s waiting across the road with the DJ in the back

"An Old Story"
by Radioontheshelf

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