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John Lewis' Dream

uploaded: Mon, Jul 20, 2020 @ 10:06 AM
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John Robert Lewis was not as well known in the UK as Martin Luther King but he was an influential figure from the early days in the civil rights movement. Sadly he passed away without seeing all the goals he strived for met.

Tension is still everywhere, guilt is always someone elses and everyone is right.

The music with its wild extremes is the voice of disonance on the streets of too many towns

He had studied all the classics taught by men from the Jurassics
And was wiser than he was the day before
He had conquered all his fears by replacing them with tears
They all thought he was a loser and much more

But when talking of his winnings and the rise of new beginnings
He would start to show a side they never knew
It was simple calculations that put food upon the table
He was managing his options this is true

Some have crossed the line and trembled at the thought of being shackled
To proposterous inventions of the mind
He had little time for small talk he was ready for the big walk
That would take him to the temple of the blind

In the event of complications he prepared some interventions
Suspending their reflections of the past
They were not prepared for failure it was something they would tell ya
As they bestrode the highest ideals built to last

When conclusions are perfected and everything disected
It will exonerate the language that he used
His words now highly polished they astound and astonish
All the disbelievers locked up in the zoos.

"John Lewis' Dream"
by Radioontheshelf

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