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True Survivors

uploaded: Tue, Mar 31, 2020 @ 9:16 AM
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About 10 months ago I re-kindled my love for photography, especially street photography and I wonder the streets of London where I live taking photos of the people. (Instagram@del_burrough) Sadly this has had to stop for the time being. As I would walk around I would come across some fine musicians playing on the streets. Now like so many they have lost their income but hopefully the music will keep living in them. Thanks to the great music that is put up here I can continue with my first love that is music without having to venture further than my imagination

The human spirit is a wonderful thing and we will rise again.

You and I me we must believe there is an end to this disease
That’s haunting you and haunting me
We’re ready for the battle

1. We will prevail to tell the tale true survivors
We won’t be kept down by fools and clowns who doubt us

Someone said it was foretold that people who had been so bold
Would one day reap the seeds they’d sown
Now was that Nostrodamus

2. They said that we should fear the coming years of hardship
And that may be the case but the human race will beat it

There is darkness that’s for sure hard roads to walk and so much more
But we will triumph over all
That tries to override us

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"True Survivors"
by Radioontheshelf

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