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Full Star Resurrection

uploaded: Mon, Oct 31, 2016 @ 8:18 AM
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The Walker
Book 1, Chapter 1
“Full Star Resurrection”

I was born on a bad moon
or so they tell me
but born under full stars
in perfect alignment.

In other words,
the sky screwed me.

Fate has me always walking
from one place to the next
from one idea to another
always The Walker.

Along my way I see a great deal
and see that
which should not be seen
and hear that
which should not be heard.
That’s the bad moon in me.
It can’t be helped.

Thank goodness for those full stars
those bright angels shining in the darkness
for at least I have some defense
and some wisdom
and a bit of luck.

Tonight I’m walking back from the deep side
around the way from the endless
and down the spiral from the restless.
It’s a quiet night for once
and I’m tired to the bone.
It’s been a long walk.

I finally find the Highway
and none too soon
Thirst was beginning to attack me
and Hunger had long stalked me
I can sustain for a while
but my tricks fizzled.
It had been too long.

The living asphalt of the Highway trembled
but it let me pass despite a few protects
and I found my way to the Door I was looking for.

I opened it.
I walked through.
The sensation was always strange
like having a body full of taffy
pushing through wet sand.
I collapsed on my front lawn.
At least I hope it was still mine.

But then I saw it
the shadow in rags.
And it saw me.
Though it had no face
I swear I could see it grin
and then it played the song
on a strange little box.

The song was unusual and familiar
and in-between the notes I could hear
the whispering words of the raggedy shadows
boasting that no Walker can harm them.

But I knew a secret.
They in turn cannot harm a Walker like me.

I listened to the song
and I feared for my neighbors
for the people of my town
because I knew the shadows could be stopped
but I knew the nights ahead
would be dark and bloody
long before a dawn seems possible.

I don’t even fear
that the shadows might hurt people.
Hurting people is the least they can do.

The raggedy shadows are parasites
hunters and riders of souls
they burrow in deep
hollow out a den
and pull the strings while the light lasts.
And even that is the least of their evils.

I take a deep breath
and listen to the chimes of the universe
the ringing song of the spheres.

I must be brave
so that others might live
even knowing what it might cost me
and what it might cost them
and so I prepare my charms
and whisper my prayers.

It’s what a Walker does.

"Full Star Resurrection"
by PorchCat

2016 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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