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Dropped Goodbye

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This is a good time to remember the urgency of saying things unsaid while you can. Or, to think of Willy Nelson’s Sad Songs and Waltzes

Dropped Goodbye
(CC BY 3.0) D A Ayer 2020-03-18

[I] don’t really see you much any more.
Guess I haven’t been hanging around…
just finding way too much to do all by myself
on the other end of town.
Heard about your party, had to work, and
didn’t want to RSVP “No”.
Still I thought today
I ought to drop in to say
goodbye before you go.

I suppose I imagined you’d always be here,
though you didn’t have a reason to stay.
Some people create the places they’re in
and I’d come to think of you that way.
So when I heard that you were leaving for good
I wondered what you’d leave behind
besides some dust on the floor
near your old front door
where you kissed me one last time.

We had what we had, for a while it was good,
and that’s how I remember us now,
but the world kept on turning in its own slow way
and our paths drew apart somehow.
That your road leads farther than mine ever did
is, I must admit, quite surprise
but it’s plain now to me
that I’m not going to see
you or that bright, fresh look in your eyes.

[I] didn’t manage to catch you after all.
Guess I won’t be hanging around.
Without you this house is just a tired old place
in a quiet, unremarkable town.
I brought you a rose as a parting gift,
just one lonely stem and a tear.
Whoever comes along
might be singing this song,
so I think I’ll just leave them here.

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"Dropped Goodbye"
by Mr_Yesterday

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