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Lyrics inspired by and sung to Javolenus’ Jangroove:

Just trying to be you. That’s all you’ve ever wanted.
At least that’s what you say.
To be accepted while standing up for yourself.
Ain’t that always the way?
Well, which is it…when you can’t have ‘em both?
Don’t you see you’ve just been gamed?

But not to worry. It’s taken for granted.
Nobody cares anyway.
Just go on living, and it’ll be all right—
maybe not great, but still OK.
You’re alive but you’ve just been gamed.

So let go the anger. Forget all about it.
Sold down the river…
Livin’ fast but going nowhere.
Taken for a sucker…
You’ve been gamed.

Life itself’s a miracle: a convoluted instant
far too vast to comprehend.
Each day you try to climb tomorrow’s mountain
you just get closer to the end.
But if you manage to love along the way…

…at least you played the game.
So just try to be you. It’s what you’ve always wanted—
doesn’t matter what you say—
to be accepted while standing up for yourself:
Is there any other way?

Lovin’ fast…that’s just how we gotta do it.
Being ourselves, that’s all there is to it—
everyone the same:
by any other name
we’ve all been gamed.
And there’s nothing but the game.
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