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Blind Joe is Dead, Long Live Blind Joe

uploaded: Sat, Jul 20, 2013 @ 11:55 PM last modified: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 @ 10:55 PM  (add)
Featuringairtone, Derek Holzer (,junana,Doxent Zsigmond, Josh Woodward, Vulpes
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I fell hard for the opening of airtone’s disOrder, in part because it reminded me so strongly of the Fahey/Cul de Sac album “The Epiphany of Glenn Jones,” which I wasn’t prepared for when I first acquired it, either. So I took that as an excuse for a theme, and Fahey’s late life poverty as the organizing principle and set out down whatever road that was. I was after dynamic range and a little drama. In the end, Vulpes’ piano wraith carries Blind Joe’s soul away from this mortal plane.

The rain was found on Sound Transit, which has a lot of interesting field recordings published with minimal restrictions. I hope that’s not an issue as the site doesn’t seem to be “in the family” at this point.

Stems are posted start-aligned for easy dissection and rearrangement.

Thanks, airtone, and I hope you like it.
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Contents of ZIP Archive: Straight stems

  • /Blind_Joe_stems_03_FLAC/BJD001_Rain_Holzer.flac (5.72MB)
  • /Blind_Joe_stems_03_FLAC/BJD002_Thunder_junana.flac (1.34MB)
  • /Blind_Joe_stems_03_FLAC/BJD003_cloudy_airtone.flac (2.37MB)
  • /Blind_Joe_stems_03_FLAC/BJD004_disorder_airtone.flac (6.04MB)
  • /Blind_Joe_stems_03_FLAC/BJD005_Wraith_Vulpes.flac (1.89MB)
  • /Blind_Joe_stems_03_FLAC/BJD006_nightingale_airtone.flac (7.69MB)
  • /Blind_Joe_stems_03_FLAC/BJD007_HeadCandy_Doxent.flac (1.04MB)
  • /Blind_Joe_stems_03_FLAC/BJD008_Motionless_Woodward.flac (1.89MB)

"Blind Joe is Dead, Long Live Blind Joe"
by Mr_Yesterday

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