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Moving Out

uploaded: Fri, Feb 16, 2024 @ 2:16 AM last modified: Fri, Feb 16, 2024 @ 9:41 PM  (replace)
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Moving Out
(2024 Fonazza-Stent)
Minimal Indie EDM beats in Fonazza style (110 bpm). It’s inspired to a chromatic contrast of a 1966 painting - titled “Scale” - by American color field artist Kenneth Noland, which I sought to translate into sound. For this purpose, I’ve employed free and open source apps I wrote myself, one called Color to Waveform, to translate the colors of the painting into waveforms loadable into the 3x Osc in Fl studio, and another one called Color to Chord, to translate each color into an avant-garde jazz chord. First I’ve created four 3x Osc presets, one for each color, modifying existing standard presets by replacing the waveforms with the waveforms corresponding to each color obtained through the aid of the Color to Waveform app. Then I singled out the lowest note of each chord and created a bassline by chopping it with one of the chopping presets that come with FL Studio. I repeated the same procedure with the other 4 notes of the chord, assigning two to a short synth and the other two to another short synth, and chopped them with one of the chopping presets, moving the notes around to create a rhythm contrast. Last I’ve scored a lead melodic line with the 4th preset. I thought it would be interesting to share this effort, as it constitutes a method to achieve interesting tracks featuring wild and unusual harmonies.
Two channels on the rack are included, one with the chords and one with the scales, in case someone wants to extend the arrangement or design a melodic line to dub vocals.
Unprocessed stems and FL Studio score available for download.

Color to Waveform can be downloaded at: Color to Chord can be downloaded at: More info about these procedures as well as more free and open source sound design apps can be found at:

Contents of ZIP Archive: FL Studio score

  • /Moving Out.flp (139.64KB)
  • /#1e262f.wav (404)
  • /#154f60.wav (404)
  • /#a93d29.wav (404)
  • /#d16171.wav (404)
  • /Minimal Kick 02.wav (41.43KB)
  • /Industrial Snare 2.wav (6.41KB)
  • /Grv CH 02.wav (5.93KB)
  • /Grv OH 02.wav (10.40KB)
  • /DNC Clap 2.wav (6.12KB)
  • /Grv Cowbell.wav (10.46KB)
  • /GM Tamb.wav (8.46KB)
  • /coke glass red.wav (321.61KB)
  • /Moving Out.pdf (113.14KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: unprocessed stems

  • /bassline.flac (105.46KB)
  • /closed hat.flac (93.54KB)
  • /cowbell.flac (41.09KB)
  • /handclaps.flac (33.17KB)
  • /hats.flac (319.48KB)
  • /kick.flac (33.02KB)
  • /lead.flac (659.90KB)
  • /open hat.flac (47.38KB)
  • /reverb.flac (143.10KB)
  • /short synth 1.flac (402.20KB)
  • /short synth 2.flac (252.21KB)
  • /snare.flac (21.52KB)
  • /tambourine.flac (64.12KB)

"Moving Out"
by Fonazza-Stent

2024 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (4.0)

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