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EL Estilo Es Kruzzial (The style is kruzzial"

uploaded: Tue, Dec 2, 2008 @ 2:47 AM
FeaturingMigres & Cuti Mc
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This is the first to upload Acapella, I hope to keep up, mixing freely.
This is a rhyme in 2003, its title is The Style is Kruzzial, “The style is kruzzial,” this version is on myspace, Listen to him if necessary, you enjoy

here is the lyrics traduced, sorry if you do not understand, the translators of the web do not work perfect, but you can get an idea.


Like when a bomb explodes
and bursts, is the second assault
what matters is therefore silent
the moment of battle, where
you go is like machine gun, gusts
of vowels, failures of fire and smoke

-If you want to swear, I swear
T-kaoz, is the scene safe
I do not stop at anything or anyone before
I endures as the air lingers

So-salt out of the way that my style
moves like a fire in Hell
nothing stands in my way, right!

- I mean, that’s what I explain
you want to show as triggering
a thousand ways
is as marked in the writings
scriptures style

-It ‘s like a wild scream, like a style that is born,
it grows and matures is alive,
kruzzial is the style

Chorus ——————— ——————X2

Kruzzial, is the name
Kruzzial, is the style
Kruzzial is the wise thinker
of the forbidden

-The time has begun and the rhyme is high
the sound is like a mallet
you hit the lowest ever

-Your eyes look shocked unabated
your ears are exacerbated to grasp
everything that I can show without hesitation
never stop, my mind is running at 100% balanced

I manifesto is the time to think about talent
and not waste time as false tales of styles
since the matter was not my first job
but the first thing you hear, draft

-My notes flowing like blood in the veins
R.A.P. Main conviction
for which I am proud to fight
I boil until the nerves that burn

Up-the temperature in writing, no bacilli
Now is the time to analyze
Yeah, that the style is kruzzial

Chorus —————— ————————-

-Kruzzial is the name, T-kaoz is the sound
covering the critical mc’s that stand out
for machista their lyrics, stories were real
currency against the horizon as far as

-The idea is ready and is fixed
My story has only just started
so do not pretend
The sounds navigate my mind
waiting to be rescued, interpreted

-I do not expect to be approved or appropriate
I was never an advantage, never dragged, kneeling
Never alone

-Not even I am bound, compared to rappers distrustful
My sound is careful and embroidery
I got the sound under control is essential, potential
development is total,

-I can not find the final, not only instrumental, intellectual
beyond any moral, style is Kruzzial

"EL Estilo Es Kruzzial (The style is kruzzial""
by Kruzzial

2008 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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