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Work Out Fine (E. Piano Full Mix)

uploaded: Thu, Mar 6, 2008 @ 5:43 PM
byG-Harp The Producer
FeaturingBrad Sucks
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This is the full version of my “Work Out Fine” remix, I kept the electric piano, but added some guitar, bass, live piano and a drum line. Listen to the record in its entirety, it builds.

Here is the initial description from the only electric piano mix (I took it down because I wanted to put up the finished version):

“There’s a bit of a backstory to this:

I have a friend who’s really into experimenting with records, and he got me thinking… “What could I do to make a track interesting and kind of experimental?” This is one of my favorite songs of Brad’s and a different remix is gonna be on my Brad remix album. But, basically, I wrote a 7-part remix of this song, all played on one electric piano. It was very difficult for me to write, because I normally use a whole bevy of instruments. Tell me what you think, I’d love a little feedback.”

"Work Out Fine (E. Piano Full Mix)"
by G-Harp The Producer

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