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Space-Based Utopia (Multitracks)

uploaded: Sun, Aug 12, 2007 @ 2:09 PM last modified: Sun, Aug 12, 2007 @ 5:57 PM  (add)
byDJ Rkod
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Multitracks for my song “Space-Based Utopia,” an ambient/chillout track from my debut album Naoise. Space-based is a moody, beautiful track built around a wavey digitalized pad.

This pack also includes the sound collage “Attacking Spaceships At Moonrise,” which was placed at the end of Space-Based on the album.

The fully mixed version of Space-based Utopia can be downloaded here.

All files in the key of C. Many of these instruments have long decays due to their ambient-ness, so I’ve given them two or four bars to wind down rather than cut them off.


Contents of ZIP Archive: Verse & Chorus

  • /Attacking Spaceships at Moonrise.flac (2.37MB)
  • /Choir Swell.flac (1.64MB)
  • /Clap Outro.flac (991.99KB)
  • /Cymbal Swell.flac (474.60KB)
  • /Drum Chorus Loop 1.flac (202.09KB)
  • /Drum Chorus Loop 2.flac (298.19KB)
  • /Drum Verse Loop.flac (179.99KB)
  • /Pad Chorus.flac (979.00KB)
  • /Pad Verse.flac (856.69KB)
  • /Sine Dry.flac (98.94KB)
  • /Sine Wet.flac (239.93KB)
  • /Timpani.flac (167.56KB)
  • /Vibraphone Bass Chorus 1.flac (430.91KB)
  • /Vibraphone Bass Chorus 2.flac (456.59KB)
  • /Vibraphone Bass Verse.flac (930.34KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bridge

  • /Arp.flac (2.87MB)
  • /Digital Flute.flac (4.57MB)
  • /Strings.flac (2.38MB)

"Space-Based Utopia (Multitracks)"
by DJ Rkod

2007 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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