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MLM Marketing Megamix

uploaded: Sat, Feb 3, 2024 @ 9:21 PM last modified: Sat, Feb 3, 2024 @ 10:28 PM  (add)
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My original purpose was to make a Megamix of previously unremixed Acapellas. Through the process the song became a megamix of a singular, quasi-fictional character. Quasi because this actual person exists all over the world.

The first remix is “Call Out To You” by Ms Vybe. I thought it was un-remixed, I was wrong whoops. I also chose to stem split the “BY” version. I wasn’t aware of the NC version.

Next was a fun piece “MLM Rep” by Debbizo. I’ve added new vocals.

“When You Go Away” has been remixed a LOT, but I needed a sung-song to round out the sound and there’s not many available on the BY license that have not been remixed already. I’ve also remixed this one before, coming back to it was a joy.

Lastly an original song “MLM Spectramaximizer” inspired by “MLM Rep” from Debbizzo.

71 BPM Call Out To You
70 BPM MLM Rep
68 When You Go Away
70 MLM Spectramaximizer


“low tempo” folders contain remix smaples for “When You Go Away” and “MLM Spectramaximizer” as well as the vocals. All of these samples EXCEPT transition, and transition 2 are in the key of E.

“Debbizzo” has two downtempo sound kits and vocals. They are in two different keys.

“vybe” only has scratch samples.


It’s Ready
by EJC

When You Go Away
By SpinningMerkaba

Call Out To You
By Ms Vybe

By Debbizo

By Vibhu
Towards the end you’ll hear “Get” and “Post”

Sound atmosphere inside a former underground military base (v2).
By ComputerHotline

Furby fun loop by
And Furby Samples from Greysound

Contents of ZIP Archive: MLM Sales Team

  • /extended team/Absolutely I-ve been pra 1._api_v2_bff_tts_stream-fw_jRhXQgrUmN1uaPIOSfgyN (873.81KB)
  • /extended team/Absolutely I-ve been pra 1.wav (873.81KB)
  • /extended team/Absolutely I-ve been pra 2.wav (950.06KB)
  • /extended team/Alright love got the sc 1.wav (654.23KB)
  • /extended team/Alright love got the sc 2.wav (614.72KB)
  • /extended team/Alright we-ve got our li 2.wav (1.02MB)
  • /extended team/And don-t forget the Spe 1.sfk (15.79KB)
  • /extended team/And don-t forget the Spe 1.wav (1.96MB)
  • /extended team/Ever since I got the Spec 2.wav (945.47KB)
  • /extended team/Honestly I couldn-t beli 2.wav (618.40KB)
  • /extended team/I was skeptical at first 1.wav (1,009.78KB)
  • /extended team/is that report on our lat 3.wav (558.68KB)
  • /extended team/Remember team this sale 1._api_v2_bff_tts_stream-fw_MjOG2hcFU50a9Tpps4M0p (1,021.73KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: DJ Byte Scratches

  • /deadbeat dad 01.mp3 (37.05KB)
  • /deadbeat dad 02.mp3 (63.26KB)
  • /deadbeat dad phrase.mp3 (31.80KB)
  • /dj 01.mp3 (25.50KB)
  • /dj 02.mp3 (61.17KB)
  • /dj byte.mp3 (14.55KB)
  • /miss vybe scratch.mp3 (136.29KB)
  • /yo miss vybe.mp3 (18.56KB)
  • /yo scratch 01.mp3 (22.52KB)
  • /yo scratch 02.mp3 (29.79KB)
  • /yo scratch 03.mp3 (30.02KB)
  • /yo scratch 04.mp3 (33.05KB)
  • /yo scratch 05.mp3 (30.63KB)
  • /yo scratch 06.mp3 (28.57KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: MLM Rep Samples

  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-bass.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-bass.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-drums.mp3 (3.44MB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-drums.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-other.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-other.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-piano.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-piano.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /lo-fi jazz a minor/lo-fi-jazz-drum-beat 2 - a minor-vocals.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /pad loopset e minor/lo-fi-pads.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /pad loopset e minor/lo-fi-pads-bass.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /pad loopset e minor/lo-fi-pads-drums.mp3 (3.44MB)
  • /pad loopset e minor/lo-fi-pads-drums.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /pad loopset e minor/lo-fi-pads-guitar.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /pad loopset e minor/lo-fi-pads-guitar.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /pad loopset e minor/lo-fi-pads-other.mp3 (3.43MB)
  • /pad loopset e minor/lo-fi-pads-other.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /sfx/g_british-telephone-being-picked-up_1_d5534.flac (356.69KB)
  • /sfx/g_british-telephone-being-picked-up_2_d5534.flac (361.67KB)
  • /sfx/g_british-telephone-being-picked-up_3_d5534.flac (361.16KB)
  • /sfx/g_british-telephone-being-picked-up_4_d5534.flac (365.09KB)
  • /sfx/g_british-telephone-ringing_1_66359.flac (489.13KB)
  • /sfx/g_british-telephone-ringing_2_66359.flac (487.62KB)
  • /sfx/g_british-telephone-ringing_3_66359.flac (463.31KB)
  • /sfx/g_british-telephone-ringing_4_66359.flac (492.18KB)
  • /sfx/g_busy-office-chatter_1_ee879.flac (416.91KB)
  • /sfx/g_busy-office-chatter_2_ee879.flac (428.01KB)
  • /sfx/g_busy-office-chatter_3_ee879.flac (457.27KB)
  • /sfx/g_busy-office-chatter_4_ee879.flac (422.03KB)
  • /sfx/g_corvette-revving-up_1_b3877.flac (540.05KB)
  • /sfx/g_corvette-revving-up_2_b3877.flac (502.01KB)
  • /sfx/g_corvette-revving-up_3_b3877.flac (587.73KB)
  • /sfx/g_corvette-revving-up_4_b3877.flac (528.13KB)
  • /sfx/g_corvette-starting-up_1_1caba.flac (534.63KB)
  • /sfx/g_corvette-starting-up_2_1caba.flac (509.78KB)
  • /sfx/g_corvette-starting-up_3_1caba.flac (470.46KB)
  • /sfx/g_corvette-starting-up_4_1caba.flac (528.56KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: MLM Rep A capellas

  • /play ht/06 Oi have you heard about 2.wav (590.83KB)
  • /play ht/07 Right so if we hit our q 1.wav (558.68KB)
  • /play ht/08 You-ve got to think big 1.wav (622.99KB)
  • /play ht/09 Remember it-s not sellin 1.wav (518.25KB)
  • /play ht/1 - Keep your eyes on the pri 3.wav (342.77KB)
  • /play ht/2 - I-m telling you this pla 3.wav (427.29KB)
  • /play ht/3 - It-s all about the networ 3.wav (466.80KB)
  • /play ht/4 - It-s about leveraging you 3.wav (518.25KB)
  • /play ht/5 - So I was chatting with S 3.wav (506.31KB)
  • /play ht/come on come on ans 1.wav (291.32KB)
  • /play ht/Hello this is Nolan from 2.sfk (10.95KB)
  • /play ht/Hello this is Nolan from 2.wav (1.36MB)
  • /play ht/Hello who is it 3.wav (123.19KB)
  • /play ht/This is more than sales 1.sfk (13.59KB)
  • /play ht/This is more than sales 1.wav (1.69MB)
  • /play ht/We-re not just making sal 1.wav (286.73KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Low Tempo 1

  • /bass and flute/1 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_1_2bd81.flac (541.25KB)
  • /bass and flute/1 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_1_2bd81-bass.mp3 (392.84KB)
  • /bass and flute/1 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_1_2bd81-other.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /bass and flute/2 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_2_2bd81.flac (514.34KB)
  • /bass and flute/2 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_2_2bd81-bass.mp3 (392.84KB)
  • /bass and flute/2 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_2_2bd81-other.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /bass and flute/3 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_3_2bd81.flac (564.97KB)
  • /bass and flute/3 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_3_2bd81-bass.mp3 (392.84KB)
  • /bass and flute/3 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_3_2bd81-other.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /bass and flute/4 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_4_2bd81.flac (576.34KB)
  • /bass and flute/4 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_4_2bd81-bass.mp3 (392.84KB)
  • /bass and flute/4 combo/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-base-and-flute-loop_4_2bd81-other.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /g_70-bpm-key-of-e-sound-effect-wind-chimes_1_6c5a2.flac (617.46KB)
  • /g_70-bpm-key-of-e-sound-effect-wind-chimes_2_6c5a2.flac (606.78KB)
  • /g_70-bpm-key-of-e-sound-effect-wind-chimes_3_6c5a2.flac (617.04KB)
  • /g_70-bpm-key-of-e-sound-effect-wind-chimes_4_6c5a2.flac (630.92KB)
  • /guitar/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-guitar-chords-followed-by-a-period-of-silence-and-then-another-court_1_7e397.flac (453.10KB)
  • /guitar/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-guitar-chords-followed-by-a-period-of-silence-and-then-another-court_2_7e397.flac (447.11KB)
  • /guitar/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-guitar-chords-followed-by-a-period-of-silence-and-then-another-court_3_7e397.flac (456.84KB)
  • /guitar/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-guitar-chords-followed-by-a-period-of-silence-and-then-another-court_4_7e397.flac (456.34KB)
  • /piano/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-gentle-mellow-piano-melody_1_a1271.flac (447.78KB)
  • /piano/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-gentle-mellow-piano-melody_2_a1271.flac (476.49KB)
  • /piano/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-gentle-mellow-piano-melody_3_a1271.flac (466.46KB)
  • /piano/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-gentle-mellow-piano-melody_4_a1271.flac (474.44KB)
  • /transitions/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-music-transition_1_b736f.flac (461.32KB)
  • /transitions/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-music-transition_2_b736f.flac (505.27KB)
  • /transitions/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-music-transition_3_b736f.flac (446.59KB)
  • /transitions/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-music-transition_4_b736f.flac (469.00KB)
  • /transitions/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-transition-effect_1_a96c3.flac (500.73KB)
  • /transitions/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-transition-effect_2_a96c3.flac (484.98KB)
  • /transitions/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-transition-effect_3_a96c3.flac (477.49KB)
  • /transitions/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-transition-effect_4_a96c3.flac (483.03KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Key of E Woman Singing

  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-screaming--yeah!_1_b2dcc.flac (540.25KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-screaming--yeah!_2_b2dcc.flac (547.76KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-screaming--yeah!_3_b2dcc.flac (523.77KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-screaming--yeah!_4_b2dcc.flac (519.13KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ah--happy-and-carefree_1_8f222.flac (676.67KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ah--happy-and-carefree_2_8f222.flac (688.24KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ah--happy-and-carefree_3_8f222.flac (676.05KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ah--happy-and-carefree_4_8f222.flac (686.17KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--aye--happy-and-carefree_1_df6a5.flac (674.75KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--aye--happy-and-carefree_2_df6a5.flac (691.75KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--aye--happy-and-carefree_3_df6a5.flac (698.25KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--aye--happy-and-carefree_4_df6a5.flac (687.76KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ee--happy-and-carefree_1_692a8.flac (710.83KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ee--happy-and-carefree_2_692a8.flac (693.57KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ee--happy-and-carefree_3_692a8.flac (692.02KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ee--happy-and-carefree_4_692a8.flac (708.57KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained-for-loneliness-and-longing_1_3179a.flac (733.51KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained-for-loneliness-and-longing_2_3179a.flac (743.35KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained-for-loneliness-and-longing_3_3179a.flac (729.06KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained-for-loneliness-and-longing_4_3179a.flac (703.56KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--no-no-no-oh--happy-and-carefree_1_bc859.flac (696.02KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--no-no-no-oh--happy-and-carefree_2_bc859.flac (677.48KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--no-no-no-oh--happy-and-carefree_3_bc859.flac (689.32KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--no-no-no-oh--happy-and-carefree_4_bc859.flac (686.02KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--oh--happy-and-carefree_1_924ec.flac (702.36KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--oh--happy-and-carefree_2_924ec.flac (664.34KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--oh--happy-and-carefree_3_924ec.flac (673.20KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--oh--happy-and-carefree_4_924ec.flac (703.15KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ooh--happy-and-carefree_1_3379b.flac (696.38KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ooh--happy-and-carefree_2_3379b.flac (702.67KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ooh--happy-and-carefree_3_3379b.flac (692.20KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--ooh--happy-and-carefree_4_3379b.flac (699.02KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--yeah--happy-and-carefree_1_547d7.flac (712.55KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--yeah--happy-and-carefree_2_547d7.flac (722.08KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--yeah--happy-and-carefree_3_547d7.flac (702.38KB)
  • /woman key of e/g_70-bpm-key-of-e-downtempo-woman-singing-sustained--yeah--happy-and-carefree_4_547d7.flac (679.67KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Low Tempo 2

  • /audiogen/1960s retail 2/1960s retail 2.flac (529.50KB)
  • /audiogen/1960s retail 2/1960s retail 2-bass.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/1960s retail 2/1960s retail 2-drums.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/1960s retail 2/1960s retail 2-vocals.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/1960s retail unsplittable.mp3 (58.53KB)
  • /audiogen/1970s retail/1970s retail.flac (582.70KB)
  • /audiogen/1970s retail/1970s retail-bass.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/1970s retail/1970s retail-drums.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/1970s retail/1970s retail-vocals.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/1980s retail unsplittable.mp3 (58.53KB)
  • /audiogen/bass and sax/bass and sax.flac (614.58KB)
  • /audiogen/bass and sax/bass and sax-bass.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/bass and sax/bass and sax-drums.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/bass and sax/bass and sax-other.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/bass and sax/bass and sax-piano.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/downtempo beat/downtempo beat.flac (471.97KB)
  • /audiogen/downtempo beat/downtempo beat-drums.mp3 (314.29KB)
  • /audiogen/downtempo beat/downtempo beat-guitar.mp3 (314.29KB)
  • /audiogen/downtempo beat/downtempo beat-other.mp3 (314.29KB)
  • /audiogen/piano and bass/piano and bass.flac (492.61KB)
  • /audiogen/piano and bass/piano and bass-bass.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/piano and bass/piano and bass-drums.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/piano and bass/piano and bass-guitar.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/piano and bass/piano and bass-piano.mp3 (391.84KB)
  • /audiogen/transition.flac (428.46KB)
  • /goofy beats/extra beat 1/extra beat 1.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /goofy beats/extra beat 1/extra beat 1.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /goofy beats/extra beat 2/extra beat 2.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /goofy beats/extra beat 2/extra beat 2.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /goofy beats/extra beat 3/70-bpm-solo-percussion-tops_020324.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /goofy beats/extra beat 3/70-bpm-solo-percussion-tops_020324.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat 1.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat 1.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat 2.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat 2.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat 3.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat 3.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat 4.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat 4.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat.mp3 (1.37MB)
  • /goofy beats/goofy beat.mp3.sfk (121.25KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 1 178 c major/pianos_melancholy (1).mp3 (585.69KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 1 178 c major/pianos_melancholy (1)-drums (1).mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 1 178 c major/pianos_melancholy (1)-drums.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 1 178 c major/pianos_melancholy (1)-piano (1).mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 1 178 c major/pianos_melancholy (1)-piano (1).mp3.sfk (40.49KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 1 178 c major/pianos_melancholy (1)-piano.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 1 178 c major/pianos_melancholy (1)-piano.mp3.sfk (40.49KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 2 164 c major/pianos_melancholy (2).mp3 (585.76KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 2 164 c major/pianos_melancholy (2)-drums.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 2 164 c major/pianos_melancholy (2)-drums.mp3.sfk (40.49KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 2 164 c major/pianos_melancholy (2)-other.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 2 164 c major/pianos_melancholy (2)-other.mp3.sfk (40.49KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 2 164 c major/pianos_melancholy (2)-piano.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 2 164 c major/pianos_melancholy (2)-piano.mp3.sfk (40.49KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 4 171 c major/pianos_melancholy.mp3 (585.73KB)
  • /pianos melancholy 4 171 c major/pianos_melancholy-drums.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 4 171 c major/pianos_melancholy-other.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 4 171 c major/pianos_melancholy-piano.mp3 (1.15MB)
  • /pianos melancholy 4 171 c major/pianos_melancholy-piano.mp3.sfk (40.49KB)

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