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uploaded: Mon, Sep 11, 2017 @ 10:12 PM
byAbstract Audio
FeaturingQuarkstar Calendar Girl
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From 0 to 3 in a couple of hours.

Eager to do another one I jumped intoy seatbelts and started working, completly missed the point that Quarkstar allready been picked up by Admiral Bob. Since the original mixter also uploaded his mix there are now 3 totally diffrent remixes.

After doing a proper remix of kara’s track I was in the mood for another of that kind. It also ment I didnt had to create something from scratch thus would take less time to make.
I started by looking for samples on QS page and going thru the options April stood out, both on beimg a great track and having midi! Total freedom and still keeping it to original, loved it!!
I picked the bass file because that immediately got me inspired. I freestyled a lot with it and created some versions of the same parts. After I had decided on the arrangement it was simply adding some extra spices in the mix for extra flavour. Going thru the how i did it file I noticed a comment on removing all breaths from the pell. So as a twist I thought of adding them as sfx.

I had a blast doing this really quick remix, hope you enjoy!
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by Abstract Audio

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