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Ambient Night (yes this is a desert)

uploaded: Wed, May 27, 2009 @ 11:52 PM
byBogdan Markowicz
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I hope this is correct version this time i use sample from SacKJo22 and Snowflake.. in the desert. btw admin i love you ;)because you i make better and better versions this is 3 version and this is almost same song

This is old Reviews for “Ambient Night (ccmixt version)i must rewrite this because for me is very important:

SackJo22 say:
Like this a lot — makes me want to sing along (but I don’t think I will ever sound like J. Morrison, no matter how hard I try).

Vidian say:

I would greatly suggest to everyone to deprive yourself of sleep for 40 hours, and before you do finally start to fall asleep, to listen to this, It IS TRIPPY. :)

Dj, This is super. I’m happy you exist… man… I sleep now..

THX my friends

"Ambient Night (yes this is a desert)"
by Bogdan Markowicz

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