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Black Is The Night

uploaded: Sun, Dec 16, 2018 @ 12:43 AM last modified: Sun, Dec 16, 2018 @ 12:46 AM  (add)
FeaturingBeatMachine, DJ Vadim, Robbero, reiswerk, stellarartwars, Calyman
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Hi there ccMixters,

This time our ticket was BeatMachine: We went through his catalogue amazed by the boldness of the presented tracks, its compounds and compilations, all served in this jazzy sleaziness. It got us thinking…

It dawned on us that we better have viable direction for a proper 7OOP3D track. We decided to let it evolve through a re-conflation of the original stems from “Black Is The Night”. So, technically we did not use samples from BeatMachine, but used all of the sample sources smashed together again. One could argue we cheated…?

Anyway, it was a great mess of diverging keys and tempi, but a classy one. We tried to reimagine what else might be possible with these gems of stems. After re-pitching almost every inch, then adding our own toppings, this track came alive.

It sounds like being in a dusty motel room of an 80s urban road movie on VHS tape, played way too often. We like that.

Then we almost forgot to add something to the actual theme of this Secret Mixter.
Sleighbells on some major chords: Checked.
Including a reprise of sleighbells: Checked too.
That’ll have to do.

With luv and mulled wine from Hamburg

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bass

  • /0016 - Lemon EBass.flac (2.39MB)
  • /0017 - stawa Clean Bass.flac (635.69KB)
  • /0018 - RL SupportBass.flac (1.06MB)
  • /0019 - Pndm Bass 1.flac (1.17MB)
  • /0020 - Pndm Bass 2.flac (3.01MB)
  • /0022 - P GetFonky Bass.flac (416.57KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Drums

  • /0002 - Sleighbell01bb28.flac (1.51MB)
  • /0008 - GASE - BaseBeat.flac (9.04MB)
  • /0009 - SD HX5.flac (654.76KB)
  • /0010 - stawa Drums.flac (7.13MB)
  • /0011 - Lemon Drums.flac (2.38MB)
  • /0012 - Pndm Drums.flac (3.69MB)
  • /0013 - Lemon HiPercs.flac (1.75MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Melo

  • /0001 - Robbero beat.flac (1.45MB)
  • /0024 - PS Lush Strings.flac (6.62MB)
  • /0025 - S2 Blue Strings.flac (4.12MB)
  • /0026 - Lemon EKChords.flac (1.81MB)
  • /0027 - P ASB Pad.flac (3.91MB)
  • /0029 - Pndm ClavedDraht.flac (3.09MB)
  • /0030 - stawa bellage.flac (1.64MB)
  • /0031 - AC Guitgeniddel.flac (2.51MB)
  • /0032 - P DSW Arp.flac (1.25MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vocals

  • /0004 - vadmin VOX 01.flac (11.43MB)
  • /0005 - vadmin VOX 02.flac (10.50MB)

"Black Is The Night"
by 7OOP3D

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