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...ampler with various modifications and modulations both inside and outside the samplers. finally, i added binaural-beat bass and bel
paisaje mental a strange waltz in 3/8 made in ardour using the koto preset of the vitalium softsynth with mild modifications. drums were ...
...ional compositional modifications and lyrical doctoring by paul bagnulo) mary i wanna take you home tonight take you home where
mary i wanna [blue]mary i wanna (vocals track)[/blue] music & lyrics by kyle keever (additional compositional modifications and lyric...
...ry' with some minor modifications to the tone of the original. little bits of noise, drums, and other peculiarities too :) i hope yo
...he zips include the modifications i made to unreal_dm's original stems. it's a true story. :) [url=
...umental. i made no modifications to his awesome composition. words: as the wind blows… twisting swaying, twisting, tangling
...some timing and sfx modifications to fit with the pella. enjoy! ,media,remix,bpm_120_125,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,cue
..., sorry i made some modifications to ur original chorus, but hope u, and the rest of u fellows, like it. media,remix,bpm_090_095,edi
...s, just with subtle modifications and some arrangements with a mini moog lead, a piano rhodes and an alto sax because i think shanno
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... to me. despite the modifications you haven't lost the essence of kara's voice either.
... it "as is" with no modifications on the "ninjas in your attic" album. i'm just a bedroom producer at present, but everyone is kicki
... your chord changes/modifications give more interest to the melody. the solo is killer (what sound is that?). i like how you change
review of 'shambala' by 'snowflake' i love glitch. and i really dig the modifications you made to my vocal melody -- and the treatment is...
...ew my mind. and the modifications to the vocal were subtle and perfect with the new voicings. the band is amazing! my only wish wou
review of 'same dream' by 'snowflake' you've given this pell a more haunting, colorful framework. i love your modifications. the drum tra... and arrangement modifications. the ending is powerful in dynamic and instrumentation is excellent. i am honored by this remix an
...oughout. the melody modifications were quite fun and well done. the arrangement and production were steller.
... bit following your modifications. anyways, thanks for working with it! it was a delight to get a remix notice in my e-mail. waiting for more modifications / inspirations. don t space your moves, but move in space,
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