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... in activities that involve “dangerous intoxication” with any legal or illegal substances, as it can lead to serious health risk
...allenge, even if it involves facing difficult or unpleasant circumstances. the phrase can also be used to convey a sense of anger or
... counterpoint as it involves on one side the music and on the other the voice. that said i quite enjoyed myself. to get the true e
...c). thanks to all involved. (and apologies to apoxode for stepping all over the cool minimalism of his track.) ,funk_n_blues,remix
.... his private life involved 5 marriages, one to the actress mia farrow. he was never afraid to try something and to many he will b
...of creation usually involves taking samples of sound for patches for synthesizers and other music creation software. here i found ca
... sure but it might involve her removing her draws she said she'd think it over so john said he would wait and see which way she'
... one. thanks to all involved. i added a bit of percussion (ezdrummer). ,catalyst_event,remix,media,bpm_085_090,non_commercial,aud
... become emotionally involved and ultimately scarred as the process of divorce runs its course. these songs are my way of exorci
... ;) thank to all involved :) effluence chorus lyrics written by hektor thillet i told you i wouldn’t bother oh--the o
...remix" (which would involve an original vision like stefan's), but a minor contribution... :) still, i'm totally happy with it... ,m direction that involved cutting and splicing and making all kinds of loops. i was getting frustrated by my limitations, but for