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...nal technique which involves the projection and multiplication of a single melody, double- or triple-line formula, sometimes stated
...e reason i ever got involved with digital music- if you want to know who's fault it is, (and hear some great tracks), check out coli
... the issue directly involves the community, that there should be some discussion before i put in my final thoughts on the issue.
thanks, and bass lines to order hello, first of all i'd like to say a big thanks to everybody involved in putting ccmixter together and ...
...handise of any kind involved[/b]. i will [b]not[/b] be [b]selling[/b] the pulse single; it will be released in the same way as the a
...e great if everyone involved could proof-listen to each other before releasing. just an idea. what do you think? please reply. :
... the contest by all involved. i’m just sort of curious. i was thinking (i do that sometimes, mostly on weekends) about the tradeof
...was scheduled. this involves big scary changes so watch for a call for beta testers of the new site code when we're ready to go publ awesome people involved in it. maybe at some point, i'll submit again but for now, i think it's time for me to take a break.
...d like to stay more involved in the community but have low-bandwidth connections to the internet. would it possible for ccmixter
...ere is a time limit involved when emailing to prevent spam? or is there a limit on the amount of email i can send as a member? i'
...nd ccmixter are not involved in any formal capacity. [b]rules[/b]: create a subgenius-themed remix using some of the loops in the
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