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hold me back (in the rave) thanks to the mixters: musikpirat - main percussion, bass lines, vocal treatments, horn shot so sha - main v...
...rown-up/classy/etc" treatments for "friday fish", since that's the one upload that's vox only, but ran out of time to keep trying to
...ature "smurf" vocal treatments to work with my layer cakes the drums and other sounds do i hope ! enjoy! ,media,secret_mixter
herbal spice problem the soundtrack i did for a little pico-8 game a while back. ,sample,media,preview,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stere...
...lest of atmospheric treatments to let the words and delivery tell the story. this is a lovely poem, with so many possible takeawa
em100-5-grooves-in-1 here's a groove i cooked up in my midi editor--there are 5 different treatments of the same motif. ,sample,media,bpm...
beloved (tell me) really enjoyed working with abstract audio's sample packs and treatments.....tried to construct one poem/melody based o...
close your eyes silly human added vocals, extra drums, guitar and treatments. very difficult song for me to make; as the lyrics were writ...
...owdown on the vocal treatments) and i'm delivering two different versions: an extended club mix and a radio edit. the full club m
and he left me with this i did a number of treatments of diane's fine vocal before settling on this one. media,remix,bpm_080_085,bass,dru...
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haekalsinherbal haekalsinherbal
amdelherbal amdelherbal
...perience absolutely herbal. so i locked myself in my workplace and searched via my notes, courses, and transcripts from years really
obatasamlambungherbal obatasamlambungherbal
dherbal dherbal
dherbal dherbal
dherbal dherbal the internet for treatments centers in the immediate locality and [url=]view the
monotony29 monotony29 buy herbal incense online @ find cheap herbal incense & cheap herbal potpourri online....
herbalince191 herbalince191 herbal incense warehouse - is rated number 1 supplier for all of your herbal incense and herbal potpourri usa...
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thailand: making a fresh herbal compress lori henry
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...p and full of tasty treatments, transitions and musicianship. so honored!!!! thank you for this mix! gotta go listen again (becau
review of 'k4thiryn - there_for_you' by 'apoxode' fun techno remix! i love the vocal treatments you're using, i'm a lifetime fan of the c...
...field for the voice treatments. some ideas if you're interested: in your opening, what if you had a loop of the vox submerged in a
review of 'all human nuddlle but nosushi' by 'snowflake' your treatments and panning create such a compelling atmosphere right from the t...
review of 'losing common ground' by 'apoxode' nice and diverse sound textures, plus the vocal treatments make this a great remix! [up][/u...
review of 'home (vo1k1 mix)' by 'snowflake' my ears are delighted by your sound treatments, placement, editing and arrangement. [up][/up]... him. i love the treatments on the song, the drums particularly have a peter gabriel type of gated reverb on them.
review of 'moonlight' by 'whitewolf' what can i say? i like! excellent vocal treatments all the way through. 3 of 3 [up][/up]
...near-subsonic vocal treatments (faux [url=]kargyraa[/url]?) are brilliant
...ctronic remixes and treatments to be honest!! (since i dj and sing live) thank you for this! :-d please do make more and keep
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