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Found 68 total matches acid bass as the foundation. sadly this made it impossible to keep the vocals. at least i was not able to make them sound good. s
...le song, laying the foundation for the track. [green]- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -[/green] ,media,secret_mixter,remix,summer_20 such an inspired foundation, the song wrote itself. see you on the [url=]secret
...llets to create the foundation of the mix and used variations of his chord progression c g a b d on the other instruments
...l hook building the foundation of this mix. i modified a lot from his samples and added a few tones (stolen from myself). p
...on[/i] would be the foundational track and started writing a melody and words with flow and ease. i had intended to intertwine other
lofi sound pack this sound pack contains some basic building blocks for you to lay down the foundation for a [green]lofi[/green] [blue]ch...
...les i could build a foundation with. started with the opening drums from "i am free," and put the old noodle to the grindstone. us make what is the foundation of this mix. intending to leave it as a pared down soundscape, i kept hearing some very euro them
...four of them as the foundation plus additional sound textures and some haunting vocals completes the mix. i love doing secret mixes
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...t (national science foundation network) didirikan yang menggantikan peran arpanet untuk mengakomodasi kegiatan penelitian dan peneli
...t (national science foundation network) diberlakukan, yang menggantikan peran arpanet untuk menyelenggarakan kegiatan penelitian dan
...t (national science foundation network) yang menggantikan peranan dari arpanet untuk mewadahi kegiatan riset dan penelitian di ameri
foundationschoolindia foundationschoolindia
foundations foundations
foundationalnigeria foundational nigeria
...osimo, theocharakis foundation, pizza hut, st. george lycabettus hotel, river west, occhio lounge bar, net, dais theater, mushroom c
...parameters for your foundation put in. structure paragraph b in order that it is going to be spacious an adequate amount to hold on
...stricted, while the foundation programming can be acquired representing change along with used in unguarded supplier software. unfas
.... they complete the foundation secret code or perhaps a precompiled secret code as well as turn mine program code keen on a great se
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pea awards final findhorn foundation
visit to animals asia foundation maria
the foundation team: your small business advantage jessica werth
jim couch foundation video joseph ward
hartman house foundation: guatemala food giveaway felicia burns
the linux foundation video site:: around the world torrey meeks
drawing-diabetes-diabetes-through-the-eyes-of-children diabetes hands foundation
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...kroom, what a great foundation. fantastic mix susan!
review of 'dream of a healed world' by 'apoxode' sweet! unified as a foundation is an awesome compliment, thank you :) love the use/effec...
review of 'sounds like love ' by 'kara square' chillllll and absorbing... i love the cool bass groove foundation. beautiful lyrics and de...
...ponse as one of the foundations... and i always hear that in your mixes. as for this mix... captivating intro... i dig how the jazz
review of 'with amy at the arcade' by 'speck' wow, you really built upon stefan's foundation in a powerful way. nicely done.
review of 'all that connect us' by 'down with ben' this is beautiful. i love the choice to use "if only" as the foundation. you construct...
... feel, yet with the foundational bass line. great mix. [up][/up]
...k provided a strong foundation.
review of 'the foundation' by 'kara square' what a trip! i like this a lot. i'm a big fan of the soundscapes gurdonark creates. then you ...
...ations of this nice foundation.
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...y the the subgenius foundation inc.) no cash alternative is available, but i will donate the $30 to any well-known charity of your
...views (for example, foundationiv & ashwan wrote reviews recently but they're not on the front page list). not a big problem, bu
... support of various foundations including the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, the omidyar network fund, the hewlett
...rine t. macarthur foundation, the omidyar network, and the hewlett foundation. for more information, visit http://creativecommon
...ding pellas with no foundation is challenging to say the least, maybe a wet/dry mic for the shower. do you just want pellas, or is
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...f the most valuable foundations upon which my path of growth and development is supported. . from the iching i have learned that