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...ite and you want to really get a handle of what we're about we highly recommend his article: "[url=
singers for hire (well, not really hire) i'm looking out for singers who are willing to take time to provide melodies for an electronic j...
tersy jabie spam not really a bug but wasn't sure where to post this. received this email via ccmixter. please dear there is a busi...
...xer, so if somebody really likes a particular mix of a calendar song, they can listen to more you have made... if you have made a re
...d but it turned out really bad? hip hop/rap artist, in need of a killer beat? heavy metal artist, with need of smashing snares and
...e music is the only real blocker) i'd like to replace the music with freely distributable music. so, this could be your big chance!
... evidence appearing real and false evidence affecting reality haha thanks, grapes
... provide a pleasing reality in the fantasy of divergent musical ideas. life is not lived in neat packages, but rather in scarce libe
...mned? the queen can really copyright a "boom boom tcha", even if it is hardly recognizable from listeners? there is a legal differen
"view by rating"? dumb question time: i realize the remix page allows you to sort by rating, butany chance of a "view by rating" choice...
missing review and rating i don't know if this is really a bug, maybe some data loss issue. i received in my email a notification about a...
...s is the first like real pop/electro kind of track i've ever tried, so i don't know if i just don't have the right plugins or it's j