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age of urgency another remix of "urgency" from sackjo22. her poem describes my current state quite good. we are living right now in a p...
...ent radioontheshelf describes. trainsound from ,media,remix,bpm_100_105,cc
certifcate of vaccination r.f.i.d. describes the false narrative utilized to bring forth global depopulation pursuant to daniel 8:25 ,aca...
sunday afternoon this song just about describes what i have planned for this sunday.... [i](with a bit of luck)[/i] here's the lyric...
...the words, the song describes my deeper desire to unplug from the matrix that is predominantly our world, and return to stillness an
...ndicate. i guess it describes the music. in e. ,sample,media,bpm_100_105,ccplus,non_commercial,audio,mp3,48k,mono,cbr,archive,zip,dr
daily clouds the track describes rain, wind and thunders ,sample,media,bpm_140_145,attribution,audio,flac,44k,mono,vbr,weather,strings,or...
...rson by offred, who describes her life during her third assignment as a handmaid, in this case to fred (referred to as "the commande
...fe is the flight it describes. pull back... aim well..., release! away it flies and out of sight: gone. when
... stems. the passage describes how the fiend grendel approached the hall of heorot while the hero beowulf waited to fight him. a roug
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... into consideration describes in the again gate hip sept, rsa encouraged it's consumers to quit wasting the twin elliptic curve figu
sneezymusic sneezymusic their musical specialty: playing mashup versions of hip-hop, rap, and pop songs. describes, "the chica...
...ed him from what he describes as โ€œa really bad marriageโ€ and they soon found writing together led them to better places. kathryn
... "zero-project". it describes a journey which starts from zero, but it stargazes... i started publishing my compositions at the e
acl acl another cultural landslide is a name that pretty accurately describes how we approach music - we're all over the place, and that'...
...le phrase that best describes the way my mind works: [i]"my father is a watchmaker & my mother is an artist... i'm caught somewhe
...thing to write that describes me... so for now i guess this is it! and i apologize for the big let down xd
protocol protocol protocol is a name that best describes this artist in complete language of intention. a remote control of hip hop succe...
...roduction. our name describes perfectly well what we are specialized in - producing and writing hip-hop, r&b and crossover songs. we
...y of the same name, describes an utopist vision of mexico.
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review of 'floating glass' by 'kara square' oh yeah. this is cool. and your title accurately describes the vibe. thanks for the include. ...
...this song perfectly describes my covid vacation. thank you so much, i really enjoyed this! through what it describes.
review of 'more lessness lest we forget' by 'anandamine' your music fits very well to this pella. wired ant's comment describes well my f... and i think mmt describes the overall qualities very well in her review. i'm also honoured to be teamed up with sackjo. congrats
review of 'winter walk' by 'snowflake' beautiful. describes the winter night i'm experiencing right in this moment!
review of 'dragonfly' by 'sackjo22' i love this track alex! oh my, your arrangement does what the song describes -- transforms and lifts....
review of 'translucent' by 'colab' i really like the sort of aimless meandering quality that to me describes precisely how groups of peop...
review of 'storms (v2)' by 'st. paul' not completely convinced that the tag "funky" best describes this piece. however, your mix is lovel...
...donark so perfectly describes. damn - that man can write!!!
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