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...mpletely with linux software and freesounds they are a very raw themes with no time fx, more details here: http://perlssdj.blo
cchost 3.0 released the open source software that powers ccmixter is a creative commons project called cchost and just released version 3...
...=http://www.evolvingsoftware.com/opensebj.html]http://www.evolvingsoftware.com/opensebj.html[/url] [b]violet composer[/b] an o
...e money using warez software!!![/b] [b]sorry for my bad english.[/b]
...uld be music-making software to the winner of this competition. i have read the terms but am still not totally sure that receivin
new forums! you're looking at the brand new forums code. this is 100% new code that replaces 3rd party software we were using so we beg y...
...i be looking for in software? any and all generic beginner's advice is welcome. thanks =)
... signal for special software? 4) is it a game??? ok, i can denoise it, but this is some kind of ugly. all i know is, that i h
...ne the pitch of the software instruments.) cheers, ken
french ipods to open proprietary software? check out this yahoo article about french efforts to force interoperability among mp3 player b...
... been the domain of software geared toward that purpose (or often included as a feature in cd burning software). of course, when mic
...here a piece of zip software that the mixter will recognize so that i can upload zips more easily. i wish i could explain why the
...e? would the cchost software force it into a by-sa license? wouldn't that be a violation of the by-nc license, by way of releasing u
... on music producing software and some loops i'm working on - don't worry, i'll upload them here too ;-) http://forum.orbmusic.net
...traight in and then software effects, or hardware effects? it seems like hardware will be the way to go, because you can hear and a