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...ait and wait our debating accelerating and complicating pollinating my song tastes like a flower with nectar sweetened b
...b still i shun the debating society still i haven't joined the poetry club still i don't know what i'm for still i write it
...rm that's not worth debating issues of justice are not pursued abuses of power are not reviewed republicans hate, that's how they
not like that i was debating putting this up here earlier on today, prior to our new years eve party, which totally rocked. i resisted an...
...ften. i am also debating to add a 78rpm vinyl noise loop behind the vocals. part of me feels it could distract the interplay of
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...y times in history, debating the authenticy of art. we can't deny the advent of ai, and the impact it will have ( and is alread
...ytechnic professors debating the writings of mrs. gaskill's unknown elder sister. some of the artists imagined they were doing so
..., very cute). i am debating whether i need a closed pair. i listened to a couple of mixes tonight that sounded bright to me and i'
...e has moved and i'm debating hitting another club, but this is the happening spot. i'm pretty close to the entrance and all i've see
.... my only escape is debating with am radio shows or listening to music that keeps me focused, yet allows me to somewhat zone out. th
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