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Hopeless For Change 94BPM

uploaded: Mon, Jan 11, 2010 @ 9:22 PM last modified: Tue, Feb 2, 2010 @ 9:49 AM  (replace)
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Obama song.


“Hopeless For Change”

Oh what the hell
you know I didn’t vote for the guy
I didn’t vote for the other guy
you know I voted for a guy who pulled out of the election
shows you what I think
But the progressive left
even some of the hardcored democrats
they expected a lot better from this guy
doesn’t pull us out of the war
doesn’t close up gitmo
can’t oppose the Republicans
Can’t even put up a damn public option
what use is this guy
I’m sorry
I’m lying I’m not sorry
I gotta vent a little here

This country went to hell for a hanging chad
like a drunken girl who wanted banging bad
woke up in the morning with a black president
a great depression and a massive deficit
a multi front war that keeps escalating
health care reform that’s not worth debating
issues of justice are not pursued
abuses of power are not reviewed
Republicans hate, that’s how they find mirth
But what exactly is a Democrat’s worth?
A broken man with a dollar bill
a soulless clown up on capitol hill
Carpetbagging riff raff down to the bone
like a cheating man that just won’t come home
Afghanistan Iraq, and now we’re in Yemen
Hope and change has lost its meanin
If you were to ask what me we’re needin
A girl in a blue dress to catch semen.

—— You let the banks the run the bailout
—— You’ve got an economic blackout
—— your base feels demoralized
—— empty words can’t energize

Massachusets was the light
to show what you’re not doing right
it’s not like you need to read a heiroglyph
let the DLC go walk off a cliff
Get rid of Rahm Emmanuel
Bernanke and Geitner as well
listen to the people who elected you
not the people who selected you
not the 30% anglopheliacs
not war loving necropheliacs
unemployment just keeps going up
people are starting to think you’re corrupt
you should stop and reevaluate
progressive principles and keep them straight
do this and you have a legacy
what you have now is a fallacy

that’s right Barrack.
A lot of people are depending on you.
Time to show you have some spine.
You can do the job, you’re qualified
but you gotta’ shut your mouth to get to work first.
Right now Orly Taitz could do better than you.

"Hopeless For Change 94BPM"
by coruscate

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