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...about his music and career. kristian vuljar who is lisa debenedictis lisa debenedictis is a canadian musician, composer a his soul, made a career as a mafiosi in the croatian underworld 23 years ago. and how i learned decades later that he was being w
...ars. with the lived career as a work drone, whose insignificant life can only be saved from their importance as a cosmic rat fart of
...ars. with the lived career as a work drone, whose insignificant life can only be saved from their importance as a cosmic rat fart of
...robably destroyed a career and caused a small trauma in the adult man, yes i sent this story to my therapist, now chews gum somewher
...out his drug dealer career and about his money truck robbery and who also experienced a lot of racism and who i call final opponent
...o that would be the career that i’ve misplaced with my big mouth. two days ago, i heard a german sorceress telling me through t
...the best song of my career so far this morning when i hear a noise from my balcony. and that’s saying something, since i have my h
...stinguished musical career during which time he started the london promenade performances which became better known as just "the pro
...-for-nothing hiphop career dreamers from my neighborhood making noise, three floors across in a doorway and hear them talking about
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globaltreecareers globaltreecareers
...efore diverting our career route to content writing, we were industrial engineers, journalists, and travel bloggers.[/b] some of
robertcaree robertcaree
dukecareers1 dukecareers1
buckscareerlink buckscareerlink rise to both career after that strength savings since at the moment until finally 2025. plan stake b in order that it wil
... - originating both careers in addition to electricity savings through at the moment in anticipation of 2025. this a on the hous
...e rate further area career, spawn steady minus profit then exhaust the commonwealth's capability to altogether monetize for the end-
... possible to change careers right now, start working in that direction. eventually it will happen. 6) be grateful. gratitude is t where he began a career in law enforcement. currently based in oklahoma, anthony's desire to compose music has been rekindled, an
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review of 'sailboat' by 'kristian' "i'm currently on a memory tour of my career from 2008 to now. and your music, as well as the music fr...
...rect themselves and career on into the night. great pulsating vibe[up][/up]
...nfluence of musical careers/endeavors at trident studios deserves an [blue][b]e[/b]d [b]p[/b]ick[b]![/b][/blue] that mark ronson
review of 'alien career' by 'apoxode' [big]♫[/big] wonderful madness! [big]♫[/big] that is such a cool use of the beat, and the synt...
review of 'alien career' by 'martijn de boer (nigid)' very nice, very alien [up][/up]
...urgeoning tv acting career:)$$ here is one of his ads (he even allowed me to be in this one (@15-18 secs and again at approx 47 sec
review of 'second career' by 'whitewolf225' i don't really know what to make of this, except i love it! something about this "music" brid...
review of 'i used to think' by 'apoxode' what is "chick career?"
review of 'second career' by 'texasradiofish' should tag this type of music as music_for_film and music_for_video. especially the non-voc...
review of 'second career' by 'speck' never a dull moment. [up][/up]
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...heinz stockhausen's career since the very beginning. back in the early 1950s, when he was enthralling some and infuriating others in
...ring and supporting career artists. the company works with musicians such as fort minor, holly brook, no warning, and styles of be
... helping launch the careers of dj shadow, blackalicious, lyrics born, and lateef the truth speaker. he has helped produce over a
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